Here is the second chapter of my gruvia doujinshi : Rainy days ! This chapter is about juvia’s childood. Hope you like it! (I don’t feel guilty of drawing a sad story)

Part 2

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"Have confidence in yourself, Tsukimi."
"We already share a single fate, you know?"
You see, for me, this is how it is.
"I love you, idiot!"

all I know is that you’re the nicest thing I’ve ever seen

do you like me?


"You should realize it!"
"No matter how she’s dressed, or if she’s wearing a wig or a mask, isn’t she the girl you fell for?! You should realize it when it has to do with Tsukimi at least. What are you doing, bro? Just what are you doing…?" - Kuranosuke, Kuragehime, Chapter 69.
Kuragehime, Chapter 66.
wiinterliebend whispered:
I always was curious about the timeline of future Lucy. What exactly happened with the other members; how texactly they died. So could you write a gruvia drabble about it?


My heart aches.

Smoke and ash filled her lungs, slowing Juvia’s momentum to a near stop. Her legs felt heavier by the second and her eyes were burning with lack of sleep. The sweat gathering between their palms was making it difficult to keep a firm grasp on Gray’s hand. He kept running ahead of her no matter what, kept tugging and pulling and panting even when she couldn’t take it any more. 

"Gray-Sama! Your hand is—"

Her fingers slipped away from his and he staggered to a halt, spinning around to face her at such a pace she crashed into him before she was able to react. He pressed a hand against her back to steady her and planted his foot hard against the ashen ground. They didn’t skid very far, but it was enough to send a cloud of dust floating into the air. All around them the ruins of Lamia Scale burned and crumbled. They’d come here searching for Lyon, for survivors. But Juvia knew there were none. Hardly anyone walked through Fiore without bursting into flames these days. The dragons were closing in, almost anyone who showed their face to the dull, grey sky was killed. 

"What is it? Are you okay? Did you—"

"Gray-Sama! Juvia is fine!"

He was so panicked and jumpy, more-so than usual. More-so than the given circumstances called for. He was afraid of losing her. He’d been like this for three days. And it had been three days since he’d told her that he loved her. Were it any other time Juvia would have embraced the moment, embraced him. But all she’d been able to do was cry. She’d cried and they’d run and she’d cried some more. But the hand holding hers no longer belonged to her friend, Gray. No longer belonged to her unrequited love. But to her lover. Her broken, exhausted, terrified lover.

"We have to go. We have to move, can you walk? Should I carry you? Hey Juvia, your face looks pale. Are you hungry? We can—"

"Gray-Sama, stop! Juvia can take care of herself. I’m fine. I’m okay."

"But Gajeel…"

"Stop it! Gajeel isn’t… he’s not… there’s no way that…"

And then the tears were falling. She’d seen him die, seen her beloved friend die at the hands of a dragon. If a Dragon Slayer as strong as Gajeel couldn’t take on the dragons, what hope did the rest of them have? She could only pray for a miracle now. 

"I promised Gajeel that I would take care of Levy! Levy isn’t here! Juvia lost the person that Gajeel holds dear!"

"He holds you dear too!" Gray snapped.

For the first time in her life, Juvia wanted the rain. She wanted it to fall hard and fast, an endless shower that would cleanse the land, wash away the ash and destroy the flames consuming the land. Grey skies were meaninglessness without the rain. The air was hot and dry and made breathing incredibly painful. Sobbing too.

"Juvia failed Gajeel… Juvia…"

"We’ll see him again, Juvia. We’ll see all of them again. We will, ya know? We’ll definitely… hey, hey, crap. I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to make you cry. I’m always making you cry."

And then he pulled her against him. Their first embrace as a couple. She clutched at his back, forgetting for a moment the dragon soaring through the sky in the distance. The dragon coming closer and closer with each heavy beat of its wings.

And then the air grew harsh, thrashing at them until they were forced apart. Juvia reached out for Gray as they tumbled back. The ground was rough beneath her and splintered planks of wood scraped against her palms. Thin lines of blood travelled the creases of her palm. Hot, wet blood that mixed with the sweat and made her feel nauseous. Gray was back on his feet a moment later, latching onto her arm and dragging her across the adjacent path. There were no trees to hide beneath, no buildings to take shelter in. They had to try and outrun a dragon. 

Nobody could outrun a dragon.

"Gray-Sama, stop! We have to fight! The dragon is injured, did you see his stomach? We can take it down!"

This wasn’t like him. Not like him at all. He was running in fear, shaking and sometimes, late at night, she’d find him crying to himself. This wasn’t the same Gray she knew. He pulled harder, urging her to go on. She could feel him shaking. He didn’t want it to end. He didn’t want them to die. But he knew, they both knew. Neither of them had enough strength to face the dragon, they hadn’t slept in two days and neither of them had consumed anything nutritional for weeks. 

"If we stop here, we’ll die!"

"If we don’t stop we’ll still die! Gray-Sama, Juvia doesn’t want to die without kissing you at least once!"

He skidded to a halt once again, only this time she was prepared for it. A deep shadow spilled out overhead, cast on them by their impending demise. And in the heat of the dust and the ash, Gray kissed her. His lips were dry and hot, but they were Gray’s. They were Gray’s and he was kissing her.

And then a ferocious roar rocked the land. The dragon perched a metre away from them, lowering his head to expose large teeth that glinted against tiny streamers of sunlight that poked through the clouds. They looked like stalagmites in a deep, narrow cavern. And Juvia did not wish to meet them up close. 

"Let’s go out with a bang, Juvia! For Fairy Tail!"

Juvia took Gray’s hand and gave a nod. “For our friends!”

The unison raid took every ounce of strength they had left, sapping their energy and their magic completely. Water and ice spun in an array of directions, thrashing and pulsing against the dragon’s roar. It fell with a crash to the ground, whether exhausted or dead, neither of them could tell. And then Juvia watched the light flicker and fade in Gray’s eyes. He fell to the ground slowly after, bruised and battered and broken. And then she followed, crashing against him with one deep breath. Though his eyes were blank, and though tears blurred her vision, Juvia knew that Gray was looking at her. He was staring into her soul, searching for it. 

"I love you, Gray," she whispered, sliding a hand down to take his, "I love you."

He smiled. A faint smile, but a smile nonetheless. “Me too.”

And then they lay there in the heat, hand in hand; watching the clouds move and the ash swirl around them. The clouds seemed deeper, blacker than before. Like the clouds that used to follow her during childhood. For a moment, she was so sure she saw Gajeel’s face among them. She could see her friends there, waiting for her.

And then the rain started to fall.


Because I saw this beautiful fanart of gruvia by dymx and I couldn’t resist! <3 First time coloring, I can’t do justice to your skills dear dymx XD (i love all of your fanarts so much /sobs/) Anyways I hope you like it!! <3 As a thank you for providing us with wonderful pieces! <3