things white ppl say in movies
girl: what are you doing?
boy: something i should have done a long time ago






Dale a Internet una Imagen

y ellos harán lo peor….

Veo y subo a

tengo una mente muy enferma 

Hahahah wtf

yooooo spanish tumblr turns the fuck UP


日本映画 navi vol.52 


Hello Tumblr.  

It’s been a little more than a month since I arrive and I’m impressed.

You are such a charming community, so warm and friendly that you made me feel at home.

Thanks to the Tumblr. staff for creating and keeping this powerful platform that makes quality contents fly.

And thanks to you for posting, liking and reblogging what touches your soul. We are creating history.

Thanks and see you soon in my dashboard!


fem!haru i doodled this afternoon while I was at the resort being restless because they didnt have wifi and i wanted to know stuff about the event


Been rewatching a lot of Friends recently, and since it’s not yet too late to celebrate the 20th anniversary since it started airing – or the 10th anniversary since it ended – here’s a giant post.

Teen Titans Ladies + Glowing eyes


an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.



the boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen


he sent me the meme

Ishida and Nishimiya 10 years in the future ♥ part one.

a.k.a. an excuse to draw Ishida like Hatogaya from "Last Inning" and Nishimiya with the same haircut she had in the past fkskfdkskfskfksk
and, oh, I almost forgot: they're married <3