haha I’ve read your asks about the mermaid au and yes I will continue as soon as i can Im glad you liked it ;U; 

i’ll try to include jellas as well since some of you asked for him xDD


"Have confidence in yourself, Tsukimi."
"We already share a single fate, you know?"


× Lee Gun/Mi Young ♦ Come Back
(SPOILERS for ep 18!!)

"Of all my oppas… neighborhood oppa is the best."


"If there is a thicking bomb that is attached to my body, will you just abandon me and run away?"

"That makes no sense?! How can that make sense? If I have scissor, I will cut all the red line, blue line or the lines of colors of rainbow. If that doesn’t work out, I will see your face for the last time then hug you. After I do everything, We will explode together. How do you think that make sense?"

"See?!. You will do that too. Why are you telling me that I can’t do that? Do you think that I can just abandon you? There is no use now. Even if you push me away, I am not going to move a step."

Source pict : DC

Lee Gun - Kim Mi Young Passionate Kiss

Fated To Love You Parallel 10 | 18

"Gun, are you stupid? Why are you worrying in advance about the hard times I might face? Why, because of a disease that didn’t happen yet, do we have to be sad and cry in advance? We can cry when it actually happens. Why do you need a ‘right’ to love? I’m saying it’s okay. Even if we don’t know when, don’t be scared in advance. No matter what happens, I won’t let you be alone when you’re hurt.”