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Your stories are so amazing!!!! <3


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aw man, YOU are amazing for taking time out of your day to say this. it’s so nice of you, aw geez, i’m a puddled mess. i’m so happy you enjoy my silly ideas, thank you so much! this reaffirmation is always appreciated esp ‘cause i’ve had this sitting for several days and wasn’t sure what to do with it, but you know what, i’m gonna dedicate it to you ok ;u;


The front door slammed open as Juvia stormed inside, followed closely by her exhibitionist boyfriend behind her. 

"I said I’m sorry, alright?" Gray said, slinging his shirt over his shoulder. "No need to be so upset over a dumb restaurant, Juvia. The food was crappy anyway—"

"It’s not the restaurant Juvia’s upset with!" she yelled, whirling around with cheeks flushed in anger.

Gray flinched, taking a step back and furrowing his brow. “You’re mad at me? The hell did I do?”

"Gray-sama knows what he did!"

"No, I don’t—"

"Gray-sama’s taking off his clothes!"

"…This isn’t new, Juvia—"

She huffed, blue eyes blazing. “Gray-sama’s taking off clothes in front of beautiful women!”

He blinked. “I’m—what?”

"Don’t play dumb, Gray-sama! Juvia knows! Gray-sama keeps his clothes on normally, but when a beautiful woman comes, they’re suddenly gone! And Juvia knows why!”

He cringed, staying silent. He really shouldn’t bait her by asking why—

"It’s because Gray-sama is seducing them with his body! That’s why he is always taking his clothes off around them!"

"Hold on," he said calmly, raising his hands in a surrendering motion, "I’m not seducing anyone—"

"Gray-sama is very handsome, so the love rivals are always looking, but when Gray-sama removes his clothes and shows his body, he becomes irresistible!"

He paused, falling silent before the corner of his mouth quirked up in a smug grin. “You really think that?”

Juvia whisked her head away, folding her arms across her chest and exhaling noisily through her nose. Gray blinked, noting the absence of a flustered blush or embarrassed squeak. So she really was mad at him.

The girl suddenly snapped her gaze back at him, and he flinched under the fiery heat of her stare.

"Gray-sama never strips when he is alone with Juvia," she stated. "But when a beautiful woman appears, Juvia is left picking up Gray-sama’s clothes!"

"Juvia, calm down," he said, taking a cautious step towards her. "It’s just a habit, you know that. I never realize when I’m doing it, and it’s not because of some beautiful girl—"

"Why does Gray-sama not strip in front of Juvia anymore?" she interjected, and he stiffened upon finding her blue eyes glistening. "Does Gray-sama not find Juvia beautiful? Does Gray-sama want a prettier woman in Juvia’s place?"

"Juvia," he sighed, walking closer towards her and rubbing the back of his neck. “Your jealousy is a little ridiculous, you know that?”

"So it’s true!" she cried, turning to run off to their bedroom, but she felt him grab her wrist before trapping her against the wall.

"Listen to me," he said, but she adamantly avoided his pressing gaze. "The reason I don’t strip around you, it’s not what you think."

"Juvia doesn’t believe you," she pouted, turning her face further away from his.

"It’s not because of some beautiful girl!" he retorted, and her eyes slowly returned to his as a light blush dusted his cheeks. "It’s—it’s because—"

"It’s because of beautiful men, isn’t it?" she said quietly, and Gray’s face instantly reddened.

"No, dammit!" he exclaimed, shoving himself off of her. "I’m dating you, how many times do I need to tell you—”

"Juvia loves you regardless, Gray-sama! Just be honest with yourself—!"

"I’m not gay, Juvia!”

"Then why, Gray-sama?! Why don’t you ever strip around Juvia anymore?!”

“‘Cause it’s not my clothes I wanna take off, it’s yours!

She squeaked, a blush instantly coating her cheeks as her hands flew to her mouth. “…E-Eh?”

He cursed under his breath, whipping his blushing face away and rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah," he muttered. "I don’t strip around you ‘cause if my clothes do come off, I want you taking them off for me.”

Her face flushed darker, her heart pounding wildly in her chest. “G-Gray-sama…”

He stubbornly evaded her eyes, staring at a corner. “Okay? Get it now? Shit, it’s hot in here…” He tugged on the chain of his necklace, swallowing thickly before clearing his throat. “I need some air.”

Juvia mutely nodded, steam rising from her face as Gray turned towards the door. She watched him go, her eyes idly trailing lower, only to bug out of her head as she squeaked.

"Gray-sama—your pants!



The wedding is tomorrow and Gray isn’t quite ready… there is still something important he has to do.

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he didnt know :U 


"You changed me Gray-Sama… you are the reason why I smile… 

I love you~”


The children are from yuuba's fanarts LOL

Gray Fullbuster didn’t like to leave his children for the night to go out with his wife, Juvia Fullbuster. Not because he didn’t like her company, but because their three children (god, when did that happen?) would usually be babysit by their…

[Translation] Gruvia - Don’t Cry


Original art by: ジングルベルベル=ポンチョリン

※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
You guys need to prepare your gruvia feels if you still remember this in the manga. I decided to translate this first, since it will be animated soon.

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yuuba how you represent Bicsanna child? And who would that be? Curl or Boy?


Boys…and how about 3…. like triplets!image


"Please, tell me you’re not gonna go like them… like my mom, like my dad… like Ur, please Juvia, stay, don’t go."

"Juvia is gonna stay with Gray-sama, forever"


Dude I make myself cry

"Oi… Aren’t you hungry?"

"No…How is it possible that Juvia is not hungry? This rose could fill up her stomach ~"

Gruvia Drabble
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I swear Silver and Juvia are communicating via their furry neckline thingies!! :D



Also even when Silver is gone I hope his ghost can still communicate to her via the psychic fluffy neck things and give her advice about Gray